Panther East
7928 state road philadelphia pa 19136

Bio: Panther East is the premier distributor of roofing tools and equipment, catering to the northeast corridor of the United States. Our strength lies in our ability to meet our customer’s need for superior products and services in a timely manner at competitive and consistent prices. We keep 95% of our items in stock and in most cases no more than a three-day turnaround time for a special order item. Panther East also repairs, services and warranties our products on premise or your job-site if possible. We are specialist in the commercial roofing industry and offer over 20 years of experience. We pride ourselves in “Exceeding our Customers’ Demands.” We work with most of the major industry manufacturers, including Panther Products, Hennes and Johnson, Stihl, Liquid Asphalt Tankers, and others. Our qualified staff members undergo full training, and have received guidance on safe use of equipment operations. Panther East is a proud member of the National Roofing Contractor’s Association. Services Panther East offers highly responsive customer service for those times when emergency service in needed. Also, as part of our commitment to excellence, our representatives offer consultative solutions and recommendations for special and/or challenging projects. Panther East is known for being an expert in the roofing industry and offers extensive training on all equipment usage and safety procedures, including Fall Protection Safety Gear and Equipment. Panther East offers industry leading brand name Fall Protection Safety Gear, Tools and Equipment, all in Compliance with OSHA Requirements and Regulations. Panther East is an Authorized Sales/Service and Distribution Center for all products and maintains a large inventory, offering delivery, in most cases, at no extra charge to meet your productivity needs.

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